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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

I take Sorafenib to keep my FLT-3 gene normal. When I left HK 2 weeks ago I was given a supply to last me, on the expectation that I would be returning on November 21. As it turned out, the transplant team in Singapore don’t want me to have any more chemotherapy before the transplant, so I came back to Manila.

My Sorafenib supply ran out today. I called a local Haematologist and asked for a prescription for the drug. His secretary called me back and gave me the number of the salesperson in the drug company who I could order it from. I called the rep and explained what I needed – half a box (30 tablets). He said sure, took my details told me the price and said that MedExpress Pharmacy would deliver. Medexpress called me 5 minutes later to say they couldn’t supply without a prescription. I said ridiculous, my doctor had given me the drug company number so I could order myself because he says they don’t need a prescription.

Oh well, as I write I am texting both the doctor and the drug company rep to see how we break through this stupidity.

Update: the Doctor’s secretary is faxing the prescription to the Pharmacy directly. Hopefully this means I can get a delivery tomorrow morning and just miss 1 dose.

Update 2: the Pharmacy called to confirm delivery address and said they needed me to hand over the original prescription to the delivery person tomorrow; which I don’t have as it was faxed directly to them!


Update 3: the drug was delivered at 10:00am today so I missed 1 dose last night – it’s happened once before! Very quick and efficient, paid by credit card, well done Med Express.


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