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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Monthly Archives: December 2011

Whites overshot itself at 7.90; platelets and Reds below par but not bad at all.  No GCSF, platelets or reds today.  Doctor pleased with Chris’ progress that he wants drips to be scaled down gradually (there are usually 3 or 4 drips ongoing at the same time) with 1 or 2 medicines to be taken orally.  He’s eating a bit more albeit with the help of Sister M to ease the pain in his throat.  I gave him a look when he asked for it this morning and he assured me that he’s not getting addicted to it.

Chris spoke to his parents today, a good sign that he’s able to focus more.  We’re grateful for every waking moment and by God’s blessing, we can be out of here in two weeks time.


Whites at 1.84 (normal 4.5), steadily climbing.  No platelets.  Sister morphine’s still doing its job.  Chris was quite chatty today with the children showing off his sexy, deep, growl of a voice like Scar, Sam says, from Lion King.

“Here I lie in my hospital bed, tell me sister morphine …. ”

Chris had his first shot last night after a screaming pain on back of hip bone.  Good taste, he says, and what a reliever.  Wbc is now at .59 and we expect that as it steadily climbs that Chris’ discomfort slowly goes away.

Children and I visited CUP today to say hello to Uncle Tony.  Yesterday we were at the new Arts and Science Museum for the Cartier Time Art Exhibit; well. actually we thought the Dali Exhibit was still on so we were accidental tourists to a great Cartier exhibit.

It happened;. clearly the first uptick was on Day +10, Christmas Day, after bumping along for several days at 0.02, it ticked up to 0.05, then 0.15 and today 0.25. The doctors had predicted Day +16 for engraftment onset but I have never been known for patience. The platelets are still low which is normal as new cell generation will switch to what is needed. It’s easier to give me Platelets.

I’m eating more and my mouth feels better but you have to gargle 13 times a day to keep it under control. I have still not had to take pain killers like Morphine although they are freely available. Sleep and night have no correlation.

From 0.02 to 0.05 to 0.15  – encouraging numbers that the stem cells are slowly growing.  Chris in a better state, able to take a mouthful of food with the supplemental drink and he’s looking better.

The children and I went to Orchard Road to meet visiting relatives from Manila, Stella and Tracy Denoga.  Sam’s new love store is the book shop in ION mall where it has an array of his favourite comics.

Merry Christmas!

Tanglin Club

We prayed for a white Christmas and for the first time since the counts started to drop, the levels ticked up albeit minutely with Wbc at 0.05 from 0.02.  Mouth sores not good and let’s hope we’ve seen the worst. Happy that we’re all together this special Christmas and praying for more Christmases that we spend together.  We skyped with Louise, Danny and the 2 grandchildren – Elizabeth and Louis.  For Christmas lunch, I took the children to Tanglin Club.  

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


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