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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

The end of the first day in the hospital, except we spent quite a lot of time out of it.

We arrived at 9:30am and proceeded to the Ward as requested. They showed us to the room which is bigger than the one we were shown last month which was a pleasant surprise. It has a view of the Container Port and the Cable Car to Sentosa Island. After our orientation we were told to go to Admissions and then go for lunch and then come back in the afternoon. There was a bit of a hiatus in Admissions because the Insurance Company had not supplied a piece of documentation, but it only took 30 minutes to get that sorted out and we went to meet a friend for lunch at Pasta Brava.

After lunch it was back to the hospital ward for more forms and briefings. I have this circular white disc on a red band on my wrist, a high tech piece of equipment which I have no idea what it does except that it will cost me S$50 if I lose it, and a standard hospital bracelet as well on a yellow band. They filled out a form so that Linds can have a caregiver’s pass so she doesn’t have to register every day. Then I decided to access the hospital WiFi. No luck. Plenty of signal but no login page would come up. So the nurses gave me the phone number of the provider’s tech support to call. I called. The first technician could not help so he referred me to his Supervisor. She (a Filipina) told me that she could not help me because I was not a registered user. To register I had to fax my passport details page to them.

“But what about fixing the login server problem?” I asked.

“I can’t help you with anything until you are registered” was the reply. True customer service provided to you by a jobs worth at!

Luckily (cynically?) I had anticipated WiFi problems and had brought along a WiFi <-> 3G converter and a USB modem. A local SIM card had been purchased while we were out for lunch and I had WiFi working fairly soon, S$25 for 7 days “unlimited” use. We’ll see; I have found from experience in HK that the word “unlimited” does not mean the same thing to a mobile phone company as it does to ordinary mortals.

A couple of doctors dropped by and asked me lots of questions which I had already answered on our visit last month. Afterwards they gave me permission to go out for dinner. The mandatory blood samples were taken and we went back out for a bit more shopping and dinner; Korean BBQ. Back in the hospital at 8:15pm I was given a cocktail of drugs to take, all designed to get rid of any infections / bacteria / viruses which may be lurking in me. Then I Skyped with Sam for 23 minutes which was cool.

Linds is sleeping at her cousin’s flat tonight. It is where she and the kids will stay over Christmas and New Year as they are going back to the Philippines. She will be sleeping in the room with me most nights once things kick off in earnest. The nurse told us that there would be a charge per night if they provided a bed, but if we chose to buy our own folding bed and provide our own bedding they would not charge. So that’s what we will do.



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