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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Today started at 6am when they unhooked me from the drips for a few hours and took my temperature and BP, which were normal. I went back to sleep until 7:30am.

The workmen outside have put all the grass back where they dug it up from yesterday. What is going on? I look at the container port but I never see any cranes moving.

At 9am a Pharmacist came to brief me on the drugs and their side effects. Apparently the chemo will be out of my system before Day 0. Then I started on the 2 mouthwashes 4 times a day regime to mitigate the mouth ulcers which are almost certain to hit soon.Oh, and I also have to note down all inputs and output. Fluid build up can cause problems with breathing and the heart. I know, I had it in HK during the summer.

Chemotherapy started at 2:30pm and took 4 hours, an hour for the first drug and three for the second. They say the side effects will hit tomorrow. I feel a bit spaced out and my BP is a tad low but so far so good. They just gave me my evening dose of anti-everything drugs and informed me they have to give me a pill at midnight, but only tonight. I am longing for sleep. Linds is with Elcee and her cousins, but she will sleep here tonight with me on a little sofa bed.

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