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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

The day started at 5am with a drink and wholemeal crackers, then I had to fast for a CTscan which was due at 9am.

At 8am they weighed me and took my BP and Temperature. At 8:30am the nurse inserted a cannula in my left hand so that the Radiology unit could pump stuff into me during the scan for better contrast. At 9:25am an orderly came with a wheelchair to take me to the scan. I walked, taking the exercise while I can. Tomorrow onwards for about a month I won’t be allowed to leave this room voluntarily. We get down there and I assume the position, but then they say they are going to put 4.5fl oz. of water where the sun doesn’t shine! A Filipina performs the manoeuvre, which is not painful but unpleasant. The scan itself is a non-event, I’ve had plenty of them before.

Back in my room I finally got to eat my breakfast , Scrambled egg, after the cannula is removed. Lunch was Fish and Chips. The dietician visited again and said that I was now on a high protein diet; whatever I ordered the kitchen would increase the protein by 50%. I will stay on this until Day 0 when I will be switched to an ultra clean diet. What that means is that after cooking the food normally they will steam it for 20 minutes.

Outside the window of my room is another, lower, portion of Block 4. It has grass on its roof. Yesterday workman started digging up the turf and this morning they are digging up more of it. This will give me some entertainment, watching what goes on. All the workmen are identically dressed and there is a Supervisor also in what appears to be a uniform. Hmmm.

At 6pm they hooked me up to two drips, saline and potassium; the chemotherapy will leach essential trace minerals from my body so they are building them up. I will be on these drips almost 24×7 until after the chemo stops and the doctors are comfortable that I don’t need them anymore.

Dinner was followed by a couple of hours spent with Elcee, a very dear friend who was visiting from KL. We were friends so long ago in HK. Trivia: we were having lunch with them in the Aberdeen Marina Club when we heard the news of Princess Diana’s death.  Her elder two boys and Francesca have grown up together, and the youngest and Sam are good friends.



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