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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Today the stem cells were infused after lots of preparatory drugs. After the bad times of yesterday I was pleased that I could still shower and dress myself.The infusion started at 11:48am and finished at 2pm, 292ml. Normally the bag is 200ml but they wanted extra because of my fullness of figure. They flushed the bag with saline so that none was wasted.

I immediately got a fever with the highest temp of 39.2C, was shivering and had chills, all classic my body reacting to stuff it doesn’t know or want in it. It’s not 6:05pm and things have settled down.

The nausea seems to have gone and  I can eat, not a lot but what I want to and it stays.

The bag of red fluid is the stem cells

Linds :  Chris asked me to write what it’s like to have a bone marrow transplant by proxy.  Angel Guerrero, who came by on her way to the airport, was with me in the ante room when the white “Coleman” cooler bag with blue lid and handle arrived with the bag of stem cells in it.  We both laid our hands on the box and blessed it.  I went in the room and watch the nurse prepare the bag.  I kept a close watch on Chris and the beeping monitor .  The nurse was inside the room the whole time registering the vital signs reading every 5 minutes.  At one point Chris needed to use the loo and was asked to use the urinal instead but Chris was probably too conscious having both women in the room that he deferred.  I think that the infusion is so precarious that any big movement like walking, much less getting up while the transfusion is taking place, may affect his blood pressure.  The whole procedure was peaceful.

Chris was unsettled between 4am till 7am.  His back had muscle spasms so I gently massaged his back with the magnetic roller I carry with me.  I could only do this while his platelets are good.  His WBC registered 0.7 after the blood test in the morning with normal reading of the RBC and platelets.  A Mask was definitely in order for me, the caregiver.  Tonight, we look forward to a good sleep.

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