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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

(My third attempt to post this)  Linds updates.

Chris was asleep most of today.  He has this tingling pain on his feet which makes it difficult for him to walk.  Nonetheless, he managed to shower and do some of his gargling routine.  He’s a bit puffy on the face due to steroids I think.  He woke up with stuffy nose and complained of difficulty of breathing.  The nurse immediately sent for a technician with a roving x-ray machine.  Seems all okay with low grade fever which comes and goes, as expected.

I visited an apartment today where kids and I will stay and where Chris will be during his convalescence phase.  It’s around the area of Bugis Street.  I also learned today that if I book to watch Wicked in Marina Bay Sands on New Year’s Eve, kids and I can hangout on the deck to watch the fireworks!  That’ll be awesome!


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