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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Wbc is 0.05, platelets are below 30,000, Rbc below 9.  If we were in Hk, Chris would have already been infused with platelets and Rbc.  SGH follows different protocol.  However, Chris is still on track.  Another 6 days maybe before the counts starts to recover.

Cesca and Sam arrived early afternoon.  From the airport straight to bed in the flat for over 3 hours of sleep!  We went to the hospital in the evening where they stayed in the ante room messing around with each other which was providing entertainment to Chris through the glass door.  They surely lifted Chris’ spirit up.  How we miss them.  I want to upload a photo but it’s taking too long so I shall attempt on that tomorrow.

A day at a time.  While the sun sets it will also rise and the glass is always half full.



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