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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Monthly Archives: January 2012

Family trivia. One of our families favourite songs is “Hospital Beds” by Cold War Kids. We love to sing it together, belting out lines like “Vietnam! Fish ‘n Chips! Italian Opera!” Strange but true.

Linds went into town to get me some more UV protected shirts. She came back with large as per normal and they were like tents. I hope we can find some hair clippers so we can clean up what is left on my head; it’s all wispy and straggly.

There was a massive thunderstorm this afternoon which has made the air nice and cool but Linds got stuck in Orchard Road for 2 hours. It was a pleasant walk tonight, 2.2Km in 29:36 on a different, scenic route. No bridges but long inclines and declines.


Not much to report. I felt lethargic all day but dragged myself out for a walk after dark. I am glad that I did because I felt so much better afterwards, even if I was tired.

I tried the Nike + GPS app on my iPhone 4S for the first time and it worked fine after an initial problem getting the position.

Score! We found a UOB ATM at Tan Chong Motors!

It’s just over 6 weeks since the transplant so I thought it a good idea to take stock of my condition.

I am weak. No surprises there. Getting into and out of the bath (no shower cubicle) has to be done very carefully and best with Linds in attendance. I am sure the walking every night will help strengthen my core muscles and make me steadier.

I usually wake up at least once in the night to go to the toilet, sometimes twice, even though I take mild sleeping pills. Then I have trouble getting back to sleep. I usually wake up at about 9am, Linds let’s me sleep until I wake up naturally. The exception being hospital visit days when I like to be there at 9am. The strange thing is that I nearly always slept through in the hospital, but they would wake me at 4am to take blood samples, so maybe that explains it.

I have no idea what side effects all the drugs that I am taking are having. I know that my Creatinine level is a bit high, but it’s coming down slowly. My armpits are discoloured, purplish, but the doctor says they will clear up.

I am eating well, because Linds is feeding me well. There can be  some slight discomfort after dinner but nothing compared to before, when the sight of food would make me retch.

We went to Mass at St. Joseph’s at 5pm, my first Mass since February last year! Then took a taxi to our local supermarket and did a lot of shopping before taking the shuttle bus back to the apartment. It was good to be out, but also slightly scary with so many people around in Church. I am knackered, so no walk tonight.

We were going to watch another episode of Hustle but the Djokovic – Nadal match went on until past my bedtime!

What distinguishes the weekend from a weekday for me? An extra drug to take twice a day. This is our first weekend here as last weekend I was in hospital with mild GVHD.

It’s another cool, overcast, day here. We had breakfast on the balcony and were enjoying the breeze until the guy 2 apartments down came out and started smoking. He is upwind of us so we retreated inside and closed the balcony doors.

Steak for lunch, then some replays of last year’s RBS 6 Nations matches to get me in the mood for next weekend. Thank God we have Setanta Sports channel here.

A 23 minute walk to / from 7-11 to get some exercise then some downloaded TV, an episode of the current season of Hustle,  before Bath v Northampton live at 22:10.

Some very good news from Sam today, his grades are excellent. I’m so proud of him. He lives mostly on his own because we are both in Singapore, but he works hard and copes well. We can Skype with him every night which helps immensely. Tonight we also discussed his GCSE choices and number.

My feet were better this morning so I didn’t go to the hospital, It seems they get a bit puffier during the day and then revert to almost normal when I sleep. Linds popped in to SGH to get the drugs I was short of.

Tonight we did a different walk to find the local 7-11, much longer than the usual route around the complex, but I managed it OK.

I’m listening to Djokovic v Murray on my iPad. It’s the usual agonising game involving a UK top player.

Go Liverpool against Man Utd tomorrow night!

Linds went out for the day today as I am stable, so I had a quiet day listening to the Test Match, catching up on some minor online banking items, listening to music. Mainly old “Eric Burdon and War” tracks then the Hurts album “Happiness”.

We woke up to the great news that Liverpool knocked Man City out of the Carling Cup. Liverpool should win it now.

My feet and ankles are a bit swollen so I’ll see how they are tomorrow and decide if I need to go and see the doctor. I have made a hash of calculating some of my drugs and need refills of about 3 to get me through to Wednesday so maybe I’ll go anyway.

I will need to go to the office early next week to scan the Cytogenetics report so I can send a copy to the haematologists in HK and Manila to keep them up to date.

We went for a walk after dinner, I am up to 2 rounds of the complex now. The small hill is a bit challenging second time around! But it needs to be done.

At the hospital nice and early for the blood taking, then we wait. I think Purgatory is modelled on hospital procedures involving endless waiting. I was hoping to be out of there before noon, but it was 12:30 before all the formalities were completed.

Dr. Goh is pleased with my progress and does not want to see me again until next Wednesday unless I am not feeling well. My blood counts are good, the cytogenetics from the BMA on Day +28 are good. When I told him that I was less nauseous since he increased the cyclosporin dose at the weekend he commented that I must have GVHD of the stomach. They called me later to say no change the dose.

Steven dropped by with a pre-paid MicroSIM for Linds to use in my iPhone 4. It doesn’t work, just says “No SIM”. SingTel support confirm that the SIM has been activated, and when we try it in a Samsung using a Micro to normal SIM carrier card it works fine. I suspect an incompatibility with the Apple MicroSIM carrier as it doesn’t work in the 4S either! Linds will go back to SingTel tomorrow to see what they can do.

I cooked an humongous chicken cacciatore this evening. We’ll be eating it for about 3 days I think! Very tiring standing up for so long but I’m pleased with the effort.

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