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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Dips are all part of the process and one must learn to look at the bigger picture which is not easy at times especially when his counts are down.  
Chris has been on oxygen all day today.  Depending on his position, his oxygen saturation would at times dive into the 80’s which is not good (best being above 95).  An x-ray was done then a CT scan was called which result we’ll find out tomorrow.  I thought Chris was hallucinating at one point when he sat in quick motion and asked to sit on a chair.  He said he was disturbed by his breathing despite the assistance of oxygen (which saturation upon checking was at 99pct).  Whilst waiting for the CT scan, I thought a distraction might help.  So with both of us seated on chairs, I positioned his computer on the bed so we could watch the Downton Abbey Christmas Special (ahh, and finally … they’re together).  I’m pleased that he managed to sit through it till the end.
Counting our blessings, Chris is eating more and at one point was even hungry.  Tomorrow, he starts his physiotherapy.  And maybe, even write the succeeding blogs.

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