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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

No hallucinations last night, the sleeping pill worked. Did have a minor temperature spike to 37.8C so they kept a close eye on me during the night. This morning my temperature is back to 37.0C

Pre-breakfast medication – check; Cyclosporine – check.

Breakfast arrives – no retching! 2 Croissants and a cup of Milo downed with vigour! I cannot remember the last time that this happened.

RBC at 7.9 is a bit low so I will get a transfusion later, Platelets are 99 and WBC is 7.8.

Josep, Steven, Karen and Emeric from the Cambridge office dropped by for an hour which was very welcome.

Thorough eye examination shows my grades are almost OK but the Astigmatism levels have changed significantly. There are some small signs of cataracts in both eyes but nothing to worry about. I have a new prescription and will have new lenses fitted next week. Maybe I should have waited for this because I found it a bit stressful being around people while I waited outside offices and for people to wheel me hither and thither.

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