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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Another sunny day in Singapore, but the sun is my enemy. I left the apartment for the first time today and used the lounge on the 5th floor while Linds had a Sauna. Then we went to the reception area to meet the manager and she introduced me to the staff, and I had my first decent coffee in several weeks.

Is it worth asking Sam to bring our Nespresso machine from Manila when he comes in mid February? Probably not, a nice indulgence but who knows if and when I might be back in hospital for 1 – 2 weeks if there are complications? And it’s heavy. Better to find a good local coffee shop, bring my Americano back here and microwave it.

My iPhone 4S is on order from Apple Singapore and should be here in a few days. When I was admitted last month I promised myself one when I came out of hospital.

We watched a program called Extreme Pilgrim on the BBC Knowledge channel last night. It’s a 3 part series about an Anglican Vicar who explores other faiths. The first part he is in China with the Shaolin Monks. Last night he was with Sadhus in India and lived for a part of the time in a cave near a remote village in the Himalayas. Fascinating. The last part he will be in Egypt.

Health wise things seem stable. My back and shoulders are covered in spots but they aren’t getting any worse, my digestion has definitely improved. I have to moisturise to stop my skin drying out too much. And even if we aren’t going outside yet Linds insists on sun block on my face.

Linds went to look at another unit in a different building operated by the same group in Holland Village. It’s twice the size and cheaper. We plan to move later in the week.

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