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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

A restful night in the hospital even though they warned me that the steroids might make me restless. Usual blood taking at 4:30am, then pre-food drugs at 7:00am. Breakfast was 3 Croissants which all stayed down. Lunch was chicken and I managed to eat about a quarter of it. Dinner was a struggle as usual, but the dessert was fruit salad which I polished off.

The doctors seem pretty confident that I can go home tomorrow after the blood check for cyclosporine levels. The rash isn’t worsening which is a good thing, but it has spread a bit to my upper arms. Thankfully it does not itch.

Linds went grocery shopping this morning as the shops will be shut for 3 days for Chinese New Year starting tomorrow. Then she had lunch with her cousins before coming to the hospital.

According to a very dear friend in HK this Dragon Year is good for 1950 Tigers “Good health, good wealth; but I have to work for them.”

Today’s magic numbers: RBC 11.3, WBC 4.47, Platelets 155K. All good.

There was a thunderstorm this afternoon and now there is a beautiful rainbow and the sun is shining brightly.


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