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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Today’s magic numbers: RBC 11.3, WBC 9.56, Platelets 169.

They put me on a steroid drip last night and again this morning as it acts faster than the tablets. The rash has subsided, especially on the upper arms, and no other patches had developed, so I went home after lunch.

Yesterday and today I have had almost no nausea and vomiting. Perhaps another effect of the increased Cyclosporine dose, maybe I had mild GVHD in the stomach as well. I have also changed how I take the drugs, taking pills during the meals intermittently rather than all together at the end. Usually there are 8 or 9 tablets with breakfast and dinner, plus the 6 pre-food ones. Lunch there is just one pill which I have to take 30 minutes before to help stop nausea. There is one particularly nasty liquid drug which gives me trouble, so I leave that until at least 30 minutes after eating so the rest of the medicines have dissolved.

We watched “The Bridges of Madison County” this afternoon. It was our first time to see it. A good movie.

After a simple dinner of Spinach stir-fried with brown rice, we went for a walk around the complex, the furthest I have walked since the transplant. It was nice and cool because there was a heavy thunderstorm most of the late afternoon.

Linds went to have coffee with her old boss from Barber and got me a very snazzy iPhone 4S case. ¬†iPhone 4 cases do not fit the 4S because the volume and mute buttons have been moved very slightly. I bet the buttons could have been in the same place but Apple has to protect it’s accessories ecosystem.


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