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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

At the hospital nice and early for the blood taking, then we wait. I think Purgatory is modelled on hospital procedures involving endless waiting. I was hoping to be out of there before noon, but it was 12:30 before all the formalities were completed.

Dr. Goh is pleased with my progress and does not want to see me again until next Wednesday unless I am not feeling well. My blood counts are good, the cytogenetics from the BMA on Day +28 are good. When I told him that I was less nauseous since he increased the cyclosporin dose at the weekend he commented that I must have GVHD of the stomach. They called me later to say no change the dose.

Steven dropped by with a pre-paid MicroSIM for Linds to use in my iPhone 4. It doesn’t work, just says “No SIM”. SingTel support confirm that the SIM has been activated, and when we try it in a Samsung using a Micro to normal SIM carrier card it works fine. I suspect an incompatibility with the Apple MicroSIM carrier as it doesn’t work in the 4S either! Linds will go back to SingTel tomorrow to see what they can do.

I cooked an humongous chicken cacciatore this evening. We’ll be eating it for about 3 days I think! Very tiring standing up for so long but I’m pleased with the effort.


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