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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Some very good news from Sam today, his grades are excellent. I’m so proud of him. He lives mostly on his own because we are both in Singapore, but he works hard and copes well. We can Skype with him every night which helps immensely. Tonight we also discussed his GCSE choices and number.

My feet were better this morning so I didn’t go to the hospital, It seems they get a bit puffier during the day and then revert to almost normal when I sleep. Linds popped in to SGH to get the drugs I was short of.

Tonight we did a different walk to find the local 7-11, much longer than the usual route around the complex, but I managed it OK.

I’m listening to Djokovic v Murray on my iPad. It’s the usual agonising game involving a UK top player.

Go Liverpool against Man Utd tomorrow night!

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