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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

What distinguishes the weekend from a weekday for me? An extra drug to take twice a day. This is our first weekend here as last weekend I was in hospital with mild GVHD.

It’s another cool, overcast, day here. We had breakfast on the balcony and were enjoying the breeze until the guy 2 apartments down came out and started smoking. He is upwind of us so we retreated inside and closed the balcony doors.

Steak for lunch, then some replays of last year’s RBS 6 Nations matches to get me in the mood for next weekend. Thank God we have Setanta Sports channel here.

A 23 minute walk to / from 7-11 to get some exercise then some downloaded TV, an episode of the current season of Hustle,  before Bath v Northampton live at 22:10.


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