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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

It’s just over 6 weeks since the transplant so I thought it a good idea to take stock of my condition.

I am weak. No surprises there. Getting into and out of the bath (no shower cubicle) has to be done very carefully and best with Linds in attendance. I am sure the walking every night will help strengthen my core muscles and make me steadier.

I usually wake up at least once in the night to go to the toilet, sometimes twice, even though I take mild sleeping pills. Then I have trouble getting back to sleep. I usually wake up at about 9am, Linds let’s me sleep until I wake up naturally. The exception being hospital visit days when I like to be there at 9am. The strange thing is that I nearly always slept through in the hospital, but they would wake me at 4am to take blood samples, so maybe that explains it.

I have no idea what side effects all the drugs that I am taking are having. I know that my Creatinine level is a bit high, but it’s coming down slowly. My armpits are discoloured, purplish, but the doctor says they will clear up.

I am eating well, because Linds is feeding me well. There can be  some slight discomfort after dinner but nothing compared to before, when the sight of food would make me retch.

We went to Mass at St. Joseph’s at 5pm, my first Mass since February last year! Then took a taxi to our local supermarket and did a lot of shopping before taking the shuttle bus back to the apartment. It was good to be out, but also slightly scary with so many people around in Church. I am knackered, so no walk tonight.

We were going to watch another episode of Hustle but the Djokovic – Nadal match went on until past my bedtime!

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