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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Wednesday is my normal check up day at SGH. We got there at about 9:30am because we had trouble getting a taxi and I expected it to be very busy but there were only a handful of other patients there. Blood extraction and Hickman line flushing over I settled down to wait for the results to be back before the doctor would see me, it usually takes a couple of hours. Linds went to Ion Mall to swap the large shirts for medium ones.

The doctor read me the riot act about my hydration, so we are addressing that. I queried it saying that my feet were a bit swollen, but that turns out to be from a couple of the drugs! Everything else was OK although my Platelet count has dropped below normal range by a little bit. My weight has dropped to 81Kg but I’m not bothered about that, I needed to lose weight and my appetite is good. Two of the drugs I take have had their dosage reduced which is good.

The bad skin discoloration in my armpits is disappearing. New, normal colored skin is growing back and replacing the purple skin which was caused by GVHD.

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