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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Today it is 7 weeks since the transplant. Wow! Tomorrow I will be half way to the “magical” Day +100, the point at which I should be able to go home.

After the lecture from the doctor yesterday about hydration I now have a glass of water by my side at all times.

Tony came for lunch, Linds cooked a putanesca which was great, so good that I had seconds! It was great to see him! Especially as he brought some decent coffee. 🙂

This afternoon we watched the first episode of “Mixed Brittania” about the birth of mixed race communities in Britain from 1910 – 1939 presented by George Alagiah. Fascinating and very informative, the program did not pull any punches about the laws, attitudes, sometime riots and attempts by the Eugenics Society to prove that mixed race children were inferior. Can’t wait to watch the remaining 2 episodes.

A short walk tonight because the weather is still unsettled.

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