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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Hospital day today, a whole raft of blood and urine tests; then the wait. My blood counts are OK, but my Creatinine level went up, even though I have been drinking a lot more. They gave me a drip of a unit of saline and told me to come back on Friday for another. Oh well! I’ve set myself a target to take 3l of fluid a day.

My drug regime was significantly modified with 2 drugs being stopped and 2 others having the dosage reduced. Aciclovir and Ciprofloxacin have gone, not sure if permanently or to see if they are the cause of the increased Creatinine. Omeprazole has halved, and the steroid has reduced from 40mg to 35mg. Apparently I have to be weaned off the steroid, they can’t just stop it.

Dr. Sydney Chung FRCS, author, scuba diver, musician and fellow crew member on the good ship “Harmony” was in Singapore today from HK and popped by to say hello. It was really nice to see him again and catch up. He’s getting involved in some research projects at NUH so hopefully will be here again. Trivia: Sydney and I share the same birthday but he is younger than me.

Our new Airport Express arrived so we finally have a secure WiFi network in the flat. Previously I used my laptop to share the ethernet connection across WiFi with all the other devices we have. No security whatsoever,  a bit flaky, anyone who could see the network could access it. Now my laptop is not chained to the desk in the bedroom because of it’s duties and we are secure. It also means I can use OpenDNS rather than the local ISPs DNS servers. I’m a big fan of OpenDNS and their new DNSCrypt which encrypts DNS lookups.



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