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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Today I had my first 1 hour Qi Gong lesson; there is a lot to do and remember and we only covered releasing negative energy with a bit of recharging at the end. The instructor, Sharon, was very gentle with me and the hour went quickly. I have 2 sessions booked for next week, if hospital appointments allow. The hospital has the right to call me whenever for any tests and checks they want to make, so visit to visit the schedule can change.

I haven’t noticed any effects yet from the changed drug regime. I guess it will take time for the stopped drugs to flush out. I’ve been taking them for 8 weeks and they are very strong! Linds reckons it could take up to a week and she has a lot more experience of them that me due to her chronic chest condition.

Linds went for some retail therapy this afternoon and to get some birthday and anniversary cards for my parents for the end of the month.

Drinking 3l a day is not that hard, I think that drinking 3l of water only would be, but I drink canned Coconut juice, Apple & Cranberry juice and canned Green Tea and Ginger Ale for variety. But I still don’t pee much!

A short walk of 1.5Km tonight, after the hour of Qi Gong and our large dinner it was best not to push it.


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