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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Back to the hospital today for a Renal and Creatinine test followed by a unit of saline. The Creatinine is down a bit so another 3l to drink today. They didn’t do a CBC, just the Renal function and residual Ciclosporin tests.

We saw another 2 transplant patients there to whom we have chatted before. One, a 55 year old male, had his transplant 20 days before me, sibling donor, and is now having problems with the CMV virus. They want to hospitalise him for 10 days but he is reluctant. He has to take another drug 4 times a day, 4 tablets each time and is having stomach and appetite problems. It just goes to show that you are never out of danger of complications.

The hospital is helping me with extending my visa. UK Passport holders get 90 days admission to Singapore, which will expire for me on March 5, several weeks short of when I may leave. But the forms are in for a 90 day extension and they assure me there will be no problems. Linds visa status is OK because she has been back to Manila in January and will go again later this month.


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