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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Our helper Prudy arrived today to look after me for 2 weeks while Linds has a break in Manila. She will make sure Sam is fully prepared for his Beijing trip as it is going to be cold!. Prudy will be here until the 15th. Linds leaves on March 1 on a 2am flight!

I feel much better today. I have 2 people I am corresponding with privately about the whole transplant experience. It is fascinating how different our treatments and experiences have been. Some people in the list servers complain that their doctors don’t really understand what is going on, and that their treatment is inadequate.

Prudy brought my Nike cross-trainers so I would have better shoes to go walking in. The trouble is, with my swollen feet they are hard to get on. But we managed and did a 1.3Km walk.

Linds is not well,  she has been sneezing a lot and this evening was very listless. I hope it clears up soon.


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