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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

To the hospital for the weekly check up.Prudy came with us so Linds could show her the pharmacy and what types of things we buy there, mainly to do with Hickman Line site care.

The doctor is pleased with my progress, some of the results were not back yet but he said they would call if there was anything to be concerned about. That was many hours ago and no call. The doctor is very concerned about me going back to Manila for further treatment as Manila cannot do some of the virus tests that are required and they don’t have one of the drugs in the proper size tablets for me. And who knows if they have other drugs that I might need in the future if complications set in. Plus they don’t do unrelated donor transplants which have double the complications of sibling donors so they may not recognise things quickly. We discussed it and the provisional plan is that I remain in Singapore for maybe another 3 months or until the check up schedule is 3 weeks apart, then I move back to Manila but go to HK for my check ups at the HK Sanatorium with Prof. Liang. I’m not sure how the logistics of the extra months here in Singapore is going to work out. Prudy is off to France soon to look after an elderly relative and bring her home to Manila. Linds needs to travel back and forth to sort ut a lot of things. But we’ll sort something out.

After the hospital we went to the Stanford Swiss Hotel to pick up our dear friend Gi who is town because her husband Hans is attending a YPO meeting. She came back to the flat with us for lunch and a catch up chat.

Linds flew back to Manila late this evening (actually 2am tomorrow) for 2 weeks to spend time with Sam and sort a few things out with the flat.


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