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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

A bad night. Thinking too much about the extended stay in Singapore and how we are going to make it work. I must scan the doctor’s document about me staying until the end of June and send it to the insurance company so that they are prepared. Yesterday Linds and I did a quick estimate of how much the drug bill is a month; we reckon S$10,000. One drug, a bottle of which lasts 5 days, costs S$945. That’s an iPhone 4S every 5 days!

Linds is safely home in Manila. She took Tiger Airways for the first time and said it was quite comfortable and she managed to sleep during the flight. They were 25 minutes early landing which was good so she got to take Sam to school. Priority item this morning for her: Polo Club parlour for a tune-up!

The Qi Gong session was interesting. For the first time I was sweating which is a good thing according to the instructor as it means the body is clearing out negative energy. I had a strong physical reaction during one of the exercises which was also a positive signal.

However, my appetite is fading which is not a good sign. I struggled to eat a reasonable amount at dinner. Let’s see how it is tomorrow. An early night tonight with a sleeping pill.


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