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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

A quiet day with a short walk in the evening. I spent the day preparing some papers I need to send to the UK when Linds brings me a couple of documents from Manila on her return. I read a lot of posts about GVHD from other transplant patients, especially about the effects of tapering off the steroids, which I am currently doing. And I watched a repeat of France 22 – 24 England just for fun!

St. Luke’s in Manila confirmed that they now have the capability to test for the BK virus, and that they are getting Mycophenalate in smaller tablet sizes than 500mg. Both very good pieces of news. Plus they are looking into purchasing an ECP treatment machine, but they are very expensive and there are not that many transplant patients in Manila, so I don’t expect them to get one. I have no idea what percentage of transplant patients get the severe problems which warrant the treatment. Hopefully I will never be in that set.


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