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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

It’s great to have Prudy back and not have to worry about cooking.

A busy day dealing with odds and sods. The grocer who delivers to us has cut us off because they are closing all their CoD accounts, so we need to find another source of getting the heavy stuff like bottled water and canned drinks of which I consume a fair quantity every day. I’ve registered for online shopping with Cold Storage to fix that and started to set up our regular shopping list to make ordering easier.

I went to the office to sort some documents out and met up with colleagues from Melbourne and Cambridge who were in the middle of Budget reviews. Lucky them!

Then I went to Bras Basah Complex and bought 2 TI-Nspire-CX calculators which are the required units for Sam’s Math IGCSE course. Those things are expensive! S$195 each and cash only! The other one is for Sam’s friend Jamie.

After that it was a phone call to Singapore Airlines to move our flight to Manila scheduled for April 1 to June 30 now that that doctors have decided to keep me here until about then.

The old, “burnt” skin is disappearing quite quickly now, my body is getting back to it’s normal colour. And I’m having to shave my chin and upper lip every other day.

Prudy cooked Laksa for dinner. Although feeling slightly nauseous I managed 2 bowls.

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