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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Off to the hospital for the usual check up and to get the BMB results which were good, no sign of Leukaemia cells. I mentioned to the doctor that I feel mildly nauseous since he cut the Prednisolone dose to 15mg and he said that meant my stomach had a bit of GVHD so he would not reduce the dose again for a couple of weeks. He also said that maybe, after next week’s check up, if I am stable, we can go to fortnightly check ups.

This raises an interesting question, to stay here or to go home and fly back every 2 weeks for the check up and to get the medications. This apartment is expensive, the flight plus hotel overnight twice a month will be much, much, cheaper. My Hickman line needs weekly flushing, but I can get that done in St. Luke’s or Makati Medical. Maybe I should run a poll of my readers to see what they think that I should do?

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