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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Monthly Archives: April 2012

Into the office this morning to deal with boring but essential pension stuff. It was Josep’s last day today as well, so I gate crashed his leaving do, but was very careful what I ate!

Our very dear friend Sukanya sent me this wonderful quote: ‘I have become my own version of an optimist. If I can’t make it through one door, I’ll make it through another door or I’ll make a door. Something terrific will come no matter how dark the present’. Tagore

Sadly, I may not see Sukanya and Ganesh again for some time as they are moving to Tokyo this summer before I return to Manila. And Sam will miss Leela!


Sunday. Igna went for her day off and I made myself some lunch. I was getting a bit concerned when she wasn’t back by 6:30pm. Then I got a text from her that she was at Cold Storage Jelita and there was no shuttle bus, plus she had no money for a taxi. So I ordered a taxi and went and picked her up. It was getting a bit late for my evening drugs.

Lesson learned: always have the taxi fare so if the shuttle bus doesn’t turn up you can get home.

For some reason today I have eye problems with my vision blurry and my eyes quite teary. GVHD flare up I guess. Let’s hope it clears up quickly. Lots of admin work reading through pensions documents people have sent to me regarding the final closure with the Press. After all these years they want to see my birth certificate!? I’ll have to go in to the office on Monday to sort some of it out.

I sent out my retirement announcement email today as Monday is my last day with the Press.

Friday. So lots of Rugby on TV over the next 3 days with Super 15s, Aviva Premiership and NRL. I’m not a big fan of Rugby League but I watched the ANZAC Day NRL game between the Dragons and the Roosters earlier in the week and it was very entertaining. I still can’t really believe that the Roosters lost.

Igna has got the message about portion sizes. Lunch and dinner today were just right for size.

Watched “Any Given Sunday” on HBO this evening, I can’t have seen it in 10 years. The motivational speech that Al Pacino gives before the playoff game against the Dallas Knights is one of the finest things I’ve ever seen and heard. He delivers it perfectly. Every aspiring team sports coach should watch it.

Lunch with Tony at Pasta Brava. I had Mushroom soup followed by meat filled Ravioli in a Gorgonzola cheeses sauce. 2 double expressos, it’s becoming a habit.

It’s really hot today and so far no rain which is unusual.

While I was in the taxi on the way to lunch I received a call from Marg who was overnighting in Singapore on her way from Christchurch to Manila for a visit. She was the counsellor at BSM until the earthquake last year which devastated Christchurch and had to go home. It was really nice to hear from her again and I’m sure she will catch up with Linds and Sam while she is in the Philippines. Later I got a comment posted from another friends en route back to Wellington!

I’m still struggling with Igna to make her understand that I don’t need to eat every 2 hours, and when I say small dinner I do  not mean a plate full of spaghetti, meatballs and vegetables. Nor do I want shop bought cakes for dessert. I’ve given instructions for a very small dinner tonight, let’s see what I get. Update: I had to ask for half the meat and half the vegetables to be removed. 🙂 Hopefully she now understands what I mean by small when referring to portion size.

I went to Choupinette at Coronation Plaza at 9am for a long, leisurely breakfast with Belinda, who we met through Heidi. Afterwards I paid a quick visit to SGH to get my catheter flushed. We both had the English Coq breakfast special, inaptly named as there was no chicken on the plate and the eggs don’t count as then it would have to be named English Oeuf and not Coq. And really it should be Oeufs Anglais(e?) as there were 2 of them. We both had our Oeufs poché. I had 2 double expressos so was coffee’d out for the day!

Belinda very kindly drove me to the hospital while I navigated for her using, a wonderful application which should be on every iPhone in Singapore. We only missed one turning due to a bus obscuring the road sign but got us back on track in no time.

I calculated while talking to Belinda this morning that I have only spent 23 nights in my bed at home in Manila since I was hospitalised in St. Luke’s on March 9 2011. That’s depressing!

Qi Gong this morning then into town on the Wilby Shuttle bus this afternoon to purchase a new 1TB back up drive from, where else, Funan IT Mall. I took the 174 bus back as it goes right past Funan. It was raining hard in town but had stopped by the time I got off the bus at Wilby Road. Igna said it didn’t rain much out here.

It didn’t take as long as I had feared to do a complete backup so I feel a lot happier now. Now to track down the failed La Cie drive’s registration as I know it is still in warranty.

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