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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

My good friend Steve from HK arrived in Singapore this afternoon without a hotel booking, only to find that there were 2 conventions going on and no hotel rooms! He came out to my flat as I said he could stay here, but we went online and found him a back packer hostel with a private room. We took the Wilby shuttle bus to Bugis and went to the Trattoria Lafiandra at the Singapore Arts Museum for dinner. It was excellent. Then he went on his way to find the hostel and I took bus 171 home from the SMU.

During dinner another close friend, Elcee, texted me to invite me to breakfast at her hotel tomorrow morning at 7:30am! So it will be an early start. From there I will go straight to the hospital for my fortnightly check up.


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