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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Up at 6am to get ready for an early b’fast with Elcee in her hotel. I had had a fairly disturbed night anyway, I was up at least 3 times which is unusual these days.

The taxi I had booked was also early so I made it to the Royal Plaza hotel by 7:15am. We had a nice long chat over breakfast and then she showed me the workshop concept that she was presenting that day. I took the opportunity to install ClamXAV on her MacBook Pro so now she has virus protection! And we put a password on her user account!

Off to the hospital straight from the hotel and the usual long wait between blood taking and doctor consultation. He has cut the morning Cyclosporin dose from 100mg to 75mg so let’s see what happens. It was a choice between reducing the Prednisilone or the Cyclosporin and he has steadily cut the Prednisilone in the past so I guess it was the turn of the Cyclosporin!

He made 3 comments: a) that my marrow seems to be active with the WBC a little on the high side; and b) he has never known someone have a Hickman line installed for so long (I think he is hinting that it is time that it came out; something I have been thinking about); c) my mouth is much better.

My Creatinine level has crept up a bit so I need to watch that. Still, he can’t be too worried as we are sticking to a 2 week check up schedule.

Steve dropped by for a beer and a chat and ended up staying for dinner as Igna had cooked too much for me. The course he is attending is being held at the British Club which is not far away.

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