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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

I went to Choupinette at Coronation Plaza at 9am for a long, leisurely breakfast with Belinda, who we met through Heidi. Afterwards I paid a quick visit to SGH to get my catheter flushed. We both had the English Coq breakfast special, inaptly named as there was no chicken on the plate and the eggs don’t count as then it would have to be named English Oeuf and not Coq. And really it should be Oeufs Anglais(e?) as there were 2 of them. We both had our Oeufs poché. I had 2 double expressos so was coffee’d out for the day!

Belinda very kindly drove me to the hospital while I navigated for her using, a wonderful application which should be on every iPhone in Singapore. We only missed one turning due to a bus obscuring the road sign but got us back on track in no time.

I calculated while talking to Belinda this morning that I have only spent 23 nights in my bed at home in Manila since I was hospitalised in St. Luke’s on March 9 2011. That’s depressing!


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