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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Lunch with Tony at Pasta Brava. I had Mushroom soup followed by meat filled Ravioli in a Gorgonzola cheeses sauce. 2 double expressos, it’s becoming a habit.

It’s really hot today and so far no rain which is unusual.

While I was in the taxi on the way to lunch I received a call from Marg who was overnighting in Singapore on her way from Christchurch to Manila for a visit. She was the counsellor at BSM until the earthquake last year which devastated Christchurch and had to go home. It was really nice to hear from her again and I’m sure she will catch up with Linds and Sam while she is in the Philippines. Later I got a comment posted from another friends en route back to Wellington!

I’m still struggling with Igna to make her understand that I don’t need to eat every 2 hours, and when I say small dinner I do  not mean a plate full of spaghetti, meatballs and vegetables. Nor do I want shop bought cakes for dessert. I’ve given instructions for a very small dinner tonight, let’s see what I get. Update: I had to ask for half the meat and half the vegetables to be removed. 🙂 Hopefully she now understands what I mean by small when referring to portion size.


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