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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Hospital day today. All is OK except the Creatinine level which has crept up again so I really need to focus on drinking much more liquid. I spoke to the doctor about going home today, looks like mid June as long as I go to HK for check ups every 3 weeks with Raymond and come back to Singapore every 3 months to see him.

Had a great lunch with Josep at Trattoria Lafiandra at the Singapore Arts Museum afterwards. The minestrone was a bit salty but the tortelloni in gorgonzola cheese and mushrooms was wonderful. He paid because Chelsea beat Barcelona to get to the Europeans Champions League final!

The cyclosporin evening dosage has been reduced from 75mg to 50mg. When the morning dose was reduced by 25mg 2 weeks ago it gave me 2 days of intense discomfort as the GvHD got stronger while my body and the stronger new immune system balanced themselves again.

Oh, and I have been meaning to mention that I have eyebrows again! Another small step back to normality.


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