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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

I headed off to the hospital early to talk to the International Medical Services staff about my Visa issue. While I was there I got my catheter flushed so I don’t have to make a trip tomorrow just for that.

IMS were very helpful, confirmed that I had overstayed, got all the necessary documentation from the Haematology Unit and sent me off to Singapore Immigration having told me that I would have to pay a penalty for overstaying.

I got to the ICA Building and went to the visitor’s centre on the 4th floor. It looked like bedlam at first but it was well signposted and I soon had a queue number and was told which counters dealt with my issue. I waited about 20 minutes to be called. The lady officer was very efficient and pleasant to deal with. She asked me to write down a brief statement on why I had confused the visa expiry dates, and took that with all of the hospital paperwork and my passport away to discuss my case for a couple of minutes. When she returned she asked me how my recovery was going and I explained that so far so good. I asked about the penalty for overstaying and she said they had waived it. Then she gave me an extension until July 8! Smooth, professional, stress free and it cost S$40.

From arriving at the hospital to leaving the ICA Building was just under 3 hours. If I had spoken to IMS first and then got my catheter flushed while they organised the paperwork it could have been quicker, I took the bus home.

I have lunch with Señor Josep tomorrow. He has been dealing with Singapore Immigration as well recently. It will be interesting to compare notes.


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