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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

My eyes have been very bad today so I haven’t done much. When I woke up my eyes were very watery, I had a sore throat and a slight fever and thought “oh oh, I must have picked something up on the coach from KL yesterday”. But the sore throat and fever have gone away on their own and the eyes have got a bit better.

Perhaps the feeling poorly in the morning has something to do with the drug dosages? I only take the steroid (which controls the GvHD) in the morning and the morning cyclosporin dose is 50% more than the evening one so during the night the levels will reduce. Alternatively, perhaps my donor has allergies and they have passed on to me? I’m not sure if that is possible, I’ll have to ask the doctor on Friday.

I’m coughing quite a lot but it’s a very dry cough, it feels like something is irritating the back of my throat.

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