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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Check up day. Blood taking at 9:30, got to see the doctor at noon. Par for the course and I was his first patient of the day. My Haemoglobin is a little lower than it normally is at 9.9 and my Creatinine is 140 which is high for normal people but probably normal for me after all the kidney damage I had last year. I keep it at that level by drinking lots of liquids to help my kidneys! On the whole the doctor is pleased with my progress, but he wasn’t pleased about my excursion to KL (Linds ratted me out when she was concerned about the cold and cough which are now almost completely gone.)

Anyway, we reduce the Prednisolone dose from 15mg per day to 12.5mg per day from tomorrow morning. From experience I expect this will cause some discomfort for a few days as the GvHD will have a bit more headroom.

We have agreed that I can return to Manila on June 14, providing that I go to HK every 3 – 4 weeks for check ups with Prof. Liang, my previous haematologist, and the man who got Dr. Goh to take me as a transplant patient after the Queen Mary BMT unit turned me down as too high risk! I need to come back to Singapore every 4 months so that he can monitor my progress. Dr. Goh is writing a report to the insurance company on why it is necessary for follow up care to be done in HK rather than Manila. Basically, they don’t do MUD (Matched Unrelated Donor) transplants in Manila and MUD transplants have twice the complications of sibling donor transplants. Managing those complications, the drug doses, etc. is art rather than science. You need someone who has handled many patients and seen it all before.

Why June 14? It’s the 26 week anniversary of the transplant of course! Haven’t you been counting?


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