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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Elcee flew in from KL for the day to see an old friend from HK days, Gloria, who was passing through on her way home to Cincinnati, and we arranged to meet them at 3:40pm at the Regent Hotel.

We took the 11:10am shuttle bus to Liat Tower and walked to Ion Centre and bought Nespresso capsules ready for our move home next month. Then to Din Tai Fung for lunch and a general browse through various up-market stores. While Linds browsed I kept from being bored by using Shazam to identify the music playing in each of the stores I was persuaded into. So cool! It was the first time that I have tried it since it suddenly appeared on my iPhone a few weeks ago. Thanks Sam!

Yesterday at the check up the doctor suggested that I wear sandals more as my foot swelling is subsiding, so we ended up in Takeshimaya buying me a new pair of ecco sandals. They are very comfy, and they are my normal size.

I was getting tired from the walking around so we decided to go to the Regent Hotel about 30 minutes early. As we arrived 2 ladies got out of the taxi in front of us; Elcee and Gloria! High tea (lots of stuff I am not supposed to eat!) and plenty of catching up and photo taking before Elcee left to go to the airport at 4:40pm. We took a taxi home at the same time because I needed to rest.

I haven’t noticed any reaction to the reduced Prednisolone dose yet.


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