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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

We went grocery shopping in the morning and then to Yvee’s apartment in Bedok in the late afternoon. I was feeling tired all day but don’t know whether it was because of all the walking yesterday, the lower steroid dose, the disrupted sleep last night or the low Haemoglobin level.

Things picked up at Yvee’s. We went for a long (for me) walk to the reservoir and a bit of the way around it. I was pleased with the distance we did. I felt I could have walked more but didn’t want to push it. It signals to me that the Haemoglobin level has not dropped further. There is a fascinating exhibit at the reservoir of 4 segments of the Berlin Wall on loan from an American collector. Such an odd thing to find in Singapore, so far from Germany, and amazing that they survived the destruction of the wall in such good condition.

After dinner we got a taxi home. I had a mild attack of Upper GI GvHD on the way home but it seems to have passed now.


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