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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

To the hospital for CVC Flushing followed by lunch with Josep and Monica at Din Tai Fung in Wisma Atria and coffee in TCC. We posted a birthday card to my granddaughter who will turn 4 on June 1. It was one of those Singapore moments; there were no customers at 2 of the 4 manned counters so we walked straight up to one.

Me: “I would like to send this Air Mail to the UK please.”

SingPost jobsworth: “Do you have a queue number?”

Me: “But there is no queue and you are free.”

SPJ: “I can’t serve you without a queue number.”

So we go and get a ticket out of the machine and go to the counter serving that number and get the stamps and post the card.

It was a huge shock to discover that the cost of one of my drugs in HK. In SGH it costs S$950 for a 105ml bottle which last 5 days. That’s the price of an iPhone 4S. HKSH inform me that their in-house Pharmacy doesn’t stock it, will have to order it, and will charge HK$22,000 for the same thing! That’s outrageous! S$950 is about HK$5,800. I’ve asked a HK friend with contacts in a pharmacy there to check the price outside the hospital. I’ve also asked for the price of the same drug in Manila. I need to inform the insurance company of this so they can get their local agent to also check for a cheaper supplier.


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