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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

We return to Manila on June 8. Now that we have told Francesca and Sam we can formally announce it.

Today we went to Funan IT Mall to buy a new MacBook Pro for me and an iPhone 4S for a friend in Manila. My current laptop was purchased in late February 2011 and is owned by Cambridge. It is on their books at a depreciated price, but it’s still slightly cheaper to get a brand new one so now I have an i7 processor and a ThunderBolt port. Goody, I’ve yet to see any devices I want that have a ThunderBolt interface. And they upgraded the memory to 8Gb for free!

There were no 16Gb white iPhone 4Ss in stock so we’ll have to look elsewhere for that.

So, this evening is being spent getting the new laptop up and running. First I have to bring the OS up to date, downloading the updates will take 3 hours. Then I connect it to my existing laptop in Target Disk mode and clean it up using DiskWarrior. Then I reboot it, connect my old laptop in Target Disk mode and transfer all the user accounts, data and applications using Setup Assistant. Reverse the Target disk mode and clean the new one up again using DiskWarrior. Finally I delete everything from the Press laptop and give it back to them next week.



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