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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

It took me until about 2:30pm to sort out everything on the new laptop and clean up the old one. I have one problem remaining which is that I can’t get Parallels networking to work. Relatively minor but I do need to fix it in the next couple  of months. The old laptop will be delivered to it’s owners next week.

Linds went for a 10K walk with her cousin Yvee and family this morning at some park a long way from here to see the Henderson Wave bridge. If I had gone they would only have done 5k, but 5K in the heat of the day with the first 2K in bright sunshine? Too risky for me. I don’t need skin GvHD this close to going home.

We went to Casa Mas for dinner with Josep and Monica and their two lovely children tonight. It was a great, relaxed evening; excellent food, lots of good conversation with the kids contributing well. I set up Josep’s Time Capsule so that they now have a central back-up for all the Macs in the flat and installed the ClamXAv virus checker on his MacBook. Working on a machine with a Catalan interface was interesting but there was enough similarity to French that mostly I got by. As a general rule dear readers, no Mac should run without ClamXAv.


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