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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

My stomach wasn’t too good today until after lunchtime. I sometimes get affected by the smell of food being cooked. It can make me queasy.

We went into town this afternoon to do a bit of shopping and meet Angel, a dear friend from Manila who is here for a few days. The last time I saw her I was in the Transplant Ward! She was actually there with us on the day of the transplant.

Back to Ion Centre and the phone hunt. It’s becoming apparent that 16Gb white iPhone 4Ss are extremely popular; we have tried 3 stores so far with no luck. 32Gb models are plentiful. We went to meet Angel at TWG on the 2nd floor and had to queue for about 20 minutes for a table. But then had nearly 3 hours of relaxation time over High Tea. We had scones and the age old question arose “jam over cream or cream over jam”? I am a jam over cream person.

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