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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Stomach queasiness has gone today, but I woke up sniffling. Some sort of allergy as it cleared up before lunchtime, it’s not the first time.

Josep and I had lunch at Trattoria Lafiandra and afterwards we went back to his flat to see if I could work out why his Time Capsule won’t recognise Ethernet connections. For some reason Airport Utility on his MacBook could not see the TC at all, whereas the one on my iPhone could. But the one on my iPhone has limited functionality so I couldn’t check some or alter some of the key settings. Very frustrating! Then I tried to check his cable modem firmware was up to date but D-Link don’t even list that model number on their website. I guess it’s a StarHub specific one.

Linds managed to find a white 16Gb iPhone 4S in Lucky Plaza so that’s one item off the To Do list.


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