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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

“Phil the Bagman” texted me from Singapore airport after checking in to say that our bag was 20.8Kg so my guess on the weight was good. He said we could have had another 10Kg, an opportunity missed but I don’t think that suitcase could have taken any more! The Manila airport hand-over happened so the bag is safely back in PPT. Thank you, Phil, that’s one Balikbayan box saved.

Some weird blood coloured marks appeared on my left arm 2 days ago. They are in a straight line and look like a scratch or rash but there is no break in the skin, which feels completely smooth and normal. The capillaries under the skin must have broken. The total size is about 1.5cm long and they vary between 3mm and 7mm in width. I had something similar on my shins and ankles when I was first discharged and assumed I had rubbed too hard while drying myself after showers and ripped the skin a bit. I’ve been careful since. It can’t be low platelets because I have bumped into things a few times recently and there are no bruises. We are taking photos of it to monitor if it gets bigger, but so far it appears to be stable.

Linds trimmed my hair on a setting of 3/8″ this afternoon. I know she definitely did manage to cut some hair but you wouldn’t be able to tell from before and after pictures. 🙂 My body and facial hair is growing back quicker than that on the top of my head.

24 weeks today!


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