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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

The countdown begins for our return to Manila. Linds has started packing items we probably won’t need between now and our departure.

Today is my grand daughter’s 4th birthday. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

We met Linds’ cousin, Erich, and his partner Michael, for lunch at Marché in 313 Orchard Road. They have been here for 10 years. Our first time to eat at Marché. You get a swipe card and wander around choosing your food and drink from various stations and they swipe your card to add the cost to it. At the end the cashier swipes the card and tells you how much your bill is. Neat idea, lots of food choice. We had dessert upstairs in a different restaurant and went across the road to TCC for coffee before getting a taxi home.

The weird marks on my left forearm are still there but not growing.


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