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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Linds was up at 5:15am to go with Belinda to photograph Marina Bay Sands at dawn! She managed not to wake me but at 6am the taxi driver called me as it was my phone which made the booking. And then I could not get back to sleep.

The weird blood marks have appeared now on my right forearm as well. I didn’t notice them until about 11am, there are a couple of clusters about 3″ above the wrist on the outside of the arm. My appetite is also poor and my eyes blurry so the GvHD has flared up a bit.

I have been having lots of problems with Parallels V7 since I migrated all my data and applications from my company Mac to my new personal Mac. The VMs work fine but it fails to load the networking adapter and none of the suggested fixes in the forums works for me. This means it can’t connect to the internet which, as I only really use Windows for one application, calculating and filing my UK Tax return online, means it is useless! I think I will give up and move to BootCamp.

Skyped with Elizabeth before her birthday party started which was really nice. She was all dressed up ready to party with 22 other girls. Francesca  and Danny ‘s Mum are there to help out!

The packing has started.

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