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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Lunch with Belinda

A busy, social, day. we took the 11am shuttle bus to Wilby Central and then cabbed it to Esplanade to meet Belinda at Space @ My Humble House. Asian casual food, I had the Laksa and the ladies had Chicken Rice; all very nice food and a nice ambience to the place. The Laksa was supposed to have Rock Oysters in it but they substituted them with extra fish.

Afterwards we went downstairs and walked on the Promenade to see where Linds has been spending her time photographing MBS. For dessert we went to Max Grenner’s Chocolate Shop for truly decadent desserts. I had a Peanut Butter crepe with Pecan ice cream, caramelised nuts and strawberries with chocolate sauce. The ladies shared a chocolate cake with a berry compote on the side.

This evening Phil the Bagman and his lovely wife Shirley came round for dinner and delivered our largest suitcase from Manila. I hope that we can return the favour one day. Igna cooked Fried Chicken, Beef Cocido and whole Sea Bass. For dessert we had fresh Rambutan and chocolates. Shirley is a Rambutan freak like me!

Now we can finish packing, ready for Friday. The taxi is already booked for 9:30am Friday morning.

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