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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

I was in the office before 10am to sign some more papers and then went for a coffee with Tony before going to UOB to change the address for our statements.

I rendezvoused with Josep and Monica in Esplanade and Linds joined us right at noon. After lunch in Space we went across the way for coffee and then parted. Linds and I took a taxi to the Singapore Arts Museum to meet Scott at Dôme to say Goodbye to him.

Then back to the camera shop as we were unclear about using the adapter set for the Zoom and Wide Angle lenses on Linds’ G10 camera, the guy patiently showed us how to adapt the adapter depending on the lens, and home by taxi.

The realisation had set in late last night that we had too much stuff to fit into the available suitcases, so this morning Linds contacted Debbie to borrow a medium sized suitcase into which we placed non-essential items which can come to Manila later. Zherwin and Joyce, her cousins, picked it up in the evening and I will collect it when I come back here in early October.

With all the “excitement” yesterday I forgot to mention that Dr. Goh has told me that, once we are settled back into our routine at home in Manila, I can reduce the Prednisolone dose from 12.5mg to 10mg. I’ll probably do it on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Next week I will also switch to the cheaper anti-fungal drug as the Noxafil will run out.

This evening I completed the details for the GST reclaim forms so that processing should be quick and easy at the airport tomorrow morning. We skyped with Sam, who was on a high because exams had finished.

All is ready, the journey home starts at 9:30am tomorrow.


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